Whitney Perry – Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


My husband deployed on ship while I was pregnant with our second child. I went back home to stay with family since I’d be alone for the birth of our daughter. Just a few weeks after she was born he told me he was no longer happy in our marriage, but come to find out he had fallen in love with Whitney Perry on ship and he just wanted to leave me for her. This 20 year old girl is in the Navy and he (29 at that time) was feeding her lies of how we were separated (we were not) and how I was so horrible and never had sex with him (he was deployed and we clearly were having sex before that since I just had our second child). When he returned to the states I allowed him back in the home and we were working on our marriage when I went through his phone to find messages between him and Whitney. He was telling her how miserable I made him and how much he loved her. Whitney blocked me on all social media after I confronted her for being a home wrecker. All I know is she’s in the Navy, she was stationed in Japan when they met in 2015, and she’s a piece of trash.

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