WholeSale Flights.com Redwood City California Review


My husband and I bought tickets from them to the Philippines. First, the price quoted on the website ($998) was not the price he quoted on the phone ($1188). After giving him my credit card number to lock in the price, I received a confirmation email with the flight information; however, that too was not what was said on the phone (2 stops and not the promised 1 stop). Attached to the email was a mandatory Security Form, which when opened, was yet another price difference ($1250). I emailed him about this, and he said that the taxes were higher than what he quoted me and that he had no control over the taxes. Once I sent over the Security Form, I emailed him and asked if he was sending me over the tickets and he didn’t respond. Being concerned I called NWA and they said that they flight was indeed confirmed, so I thought the guy was just a flake, but at least he got me the tickets.Long story short, we arrived at the airport ready to go, and the agent says we don’t have any tickets. The tickets were confirmed but never ticketed, and if we wanted to purchase them it would cost us $6000! I called the guy back (Greg) and he said that he tried to “contact”” me – of course there were no emails or phone calls from him- and that the tickets were now gone. After speaking to him and his useless manager who insisted that I was lying and that it was my duty to contact them to make sure the tickets were purchased

I ended up hanging up and rebooking with Orbitz.Called the CC company to stop all charges from them

which were pending… Full on scam. Don’t be suckers like we were.”

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