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On 6/2/2006 I placed an order for 1 Manhattan and was to receive 1 free Noe bag as part of the sale. (see receipt below)On 6/26/2006 I received a delivery from UPS, I signed for it not knowing it was incomplete..They sent the “free”” Noe Bag

very cheap

poor quality

and that was it. nNOTHING ELSE. nI sent NUMEROUS emails requesting an answer as to where the rest of my order was and complaint regarding quality.. no response. I posted to their feedback

no response. I disputed the charge with my cc company. They are working with me. nI think they (wholesalediva.com) must type their own positive feedback as it has not changed on their wbsite since June. nThis is the receipt 6/2/2006 11:07:45 AM.n——————————–n90016 Buy One Get One Free ManhattannQty: 1 @ $135.00 = $135.00n—————————–n FREE NOE BAGnQty: 1 @ $0.00 = $0.00nSubtotal: $135.00nShipping: $16.98 (A) UPS GROUND 5-7 DAY (After order processing)nTOTAL: $151.98 nTanyanmcdonough

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