Wicked Herbals PEARCY Arkansas Review


I ordered product from wicked herbal incense. I ordered from them due to having a particularly hard to find product. I paid c.o.d. so figured i wouldn’t pay if my product didn’t show up. My package arrived so I paid the 226.00 which included an overnight shipping charge of $50.00. When I opened the package to my disbelief my order was not inside. There was however some” garbage”” disquised as incense with a note inside that stated “” I am a new customer so here is a free sample while we process your order”” I made my order 8/4/16

I recieved my order 8/16/16

again I paid $50.00 for overnight shipping. I was so excited to see my package arrived today

untill I opened it. Only 1 product of the 4 I ordered was inside. And I have my suspensions it’s not the actual product. Inside was a note stating I had substitutions due to a world wide shortage that is expected to be cleared up in a couple of weeks. When I tried the email address it returned as failed address. When I called the phone number listed on the website wickedherbals.guru. a sales company answered and hung up on me when I asked for the shop. $226.00 may not be alot of money to some but to me and my family it is an electric bill

or diapers or a number of other things I could have used it for. I work hard for my money and all I want is what I paid for. I pay for what I want

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