Wild West Domains St. Louis Missouri


Complaint: I have been repeatedly charged by Wild West Domains for a resale site that I cancelled more than 4 years ago. Each and every year, I don’t receive an invoice from Wild West Domains, but a collection agency (Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc.) that obviously can’t tell me what’s going on. I have called Wild West Domains, but I cannot get a response due to the fact that they don’t know who I am and why I’m calling. When I tell them I’m being charged every year for a website that I cancelled over 4 years ago, I get the usual “I’m sorry

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Address: if you don’t have your log in information

Website: or does the collection agency just keep that info for another year. hoping that I’ll be stupid enough to keep paying for the rest of my life? I JUST WANT CLOSURE to this long

Phone: we can’t help you.”” If you can’t find my information

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