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Complaint: Willard Merkel a Portland Oregon Lawyer should not be Trusted. You can go to the Oregon State Bar or OSB website and read how many people habe been cheated. For people who have been sued by him You cannot win he will CHEAT YOU. No matter what. and the OSB will not help you. here are the things willard Merkel will do He will lie to the courts and to insurance company, .. lie to the Judge not follow any court rules. Multnomah County Courthouse will not make him follow the law or rulies. he will always submit More documents so that after you lose he can send you a bill. he will not have typed the papers he bills you for he will use old ones and change The name and in My opinion that is fraud Billing me for typing that he did not do?? Thatu2019s how you fix a car and pay billed flat rate … Lawyers in Oregon change you by the hour.. not flat rate but he will LIE…. do not go to ARBITRATION he will cheat and the Court will let him … you can file a motion to not have an arbitration trust me he lies.. no matter what do not go to court with this liar He will win as you do not lie he does .. good Luck And trust me watch each date and fax he will lie …

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