William Fontenot, MD Waynesboro Tennessee


Complaint: I went in for a rotator cuff surgery and orthopedic specialist Dr. Fontenot, was a total a*s. I got there at 9am, was checked in, got my IV started and dressed for the procedure. My fiance had a question for the Dr and when Fontenot came to my room he was rude, inturrupted my fiance before he got the question asked then told us if we didn’t like how he does things for us to leave. Neither one of us said anything about not doing the surgery. But he yelled at us and ran from the room screaming at the nurses to cancel my surgery and get us out of there. I have been in pain from this torn rotator cuff for about 2 yrs now. I had my IV removed and dressed myself while crying my eyes out cause i was so ready to have this fixed andthe pain gone. I do NOT recommend Fontenot for any type of procedure. He does not care about his patients, he wants the money only and if you have questions he will kick you out of the hospital without any remorse. Please let your friends and family to stay away from this jerk. He has no heart!!! The only good thing I can say about this day was the nursing staff and anesthesiologist was very nice and went above and beyond their duty to help calm me down after Fontenot’s outburst. Again for the sake of your family and friends stay away from Fontenot. He is a monster and should never have been able to practice medicine. You are supposed to be there to help people not tear them down.

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Address: 129 N. Locust Ave. Lawrenceburg, Tennessee USA


Phone: 931-762-4400

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