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Complaint: 42 argyle drive shirley NY The broker William Lemaire and his mother/seller Roberta Lemaire are not honorable people. They listed thier house as having COs and unfortunately it did not. Took my money then started to negotiate over responsibility for COs. Unwilling to reimburse me for the expenses I incurred trying to buy this house: bank apprasial,lawyer, survey. Their broker William Lemaire who listed this house complained that his mother/seller will lose money on the deal. WHY IS THIS MY PROBLEM. They agreed to sell me the house for $139,999 with a CO. All my bank asks is that $3,000 be kept in escrow until the COs come through. The Lemaires say no. The seller claims to have a mortgage on the property. WITH NO COs? AND DIDN’T KNOW!!!! I signed a purchase agreement on Jan 20 2012 with a closing date of March 10 2012. In Febuary my lawyer informed me that the title had no CO. The seller assured us that they would get the COs and would not let me back out of the deal. In March William Lemaire informed us that the house now needs a variance and could take an additional three months. Still no offer from the seller to settle and let me get on with my life. I reached out and asked my Lawyer and Broker to reach out to Caldwell Banker M D Good Life concerning this matter but have yet to receive a response. I currently live in a leased apartment with a lease that expires May 1 2012.

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