William Mark Brower Tampa Florida


Complaint: William Mark Brower aka Billy aka Mark has been scamming people in the Tampa Bay area and on the internet for years! 1. Staging a home break-in (with his sister Carmen Brower who helped him or knows about it), while posing as a Private Investigator. Lots of money and pers. property was stolen! This was in a home/ofc in Tampa/Hillsborough Cnty from July 20th-31st. This was also done on the second anniversery of the our father’s death! Known Scams: * Posing as a former coast guard and Hills. Cnty Sheriff Officer- DL Wounded Warrior FB- flwoundedwarriorfb flwoundedwarrior.com [email protected] Sitting outside Publix Supermarkets asking for fraudulent donations! [email protected] P- 813-808-3000 Animal Rescue Pet Investigator physicmarkbrower- He claims to be a seventh generational black witch (like his sister Carmen). He is also practicing w/out a fortune teller license. Former bail bondsmen and was arrested (had a warrant issued) Feb 2014. Hid over in Germany for awhile ( of coarse his sister Carmen helped him). They both speak German. Google his name & you can see his arrest booking & pic! Carmen Horse Rescue (St. Petersburg), horse hoarders that cannot take care of the horses- squat from stable to stable. Evictions for years from apartments and homes- currecntly squatting in a home in St Pete and facing eviction. Filing false domestic stalking injuctions in St. Petersburg, FL- because it’s free- Facing perjury,slander and liable charges too! Are you next! Trolls the internet looking for his next victim! Please report them if you know anything to St. Petersburg Police Dept. the FBI ,AG etc.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 2820 10 Ave North St Petersburg, Florida USA

Website: flwoundedwarrior.com/

Phone: 813-808-3000

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