Williams Comfort Carmel Indiana


Complaint: I feel I strong need to alert fellow consumers of a company that is blatantly dishonest . This is now our second issue. Five years ago we bought a new furnace from this company – one month later when they were doing routine maintenance on our other furnace one of my water heaters went out. They said they could replace it immediately and I said great. My other water heater was working fine. They replaced it. The next morning no Hot water . They sent out a repairman and said now the other one was broken. I became suspicious and called out plumber. They had unplugged our old water heater and told us it was broken! I told them to get their water heater out of our house as I found they had overcharged us by several hundred dollars as well. They agreed to refund part of our money and never return to our home again . A month ago We had a walk collapse and it broke our toilet and a cabinet . The new heating company said the furnace that they had installed was installed improperly because there is a drip pan that catches this water as a fail safe in case the drain would clog but that it was installed wrong it didn’t do anything to prevent this. We took photos , sent copies of maintenance in this furnace and everything they asked for. We were not asking them to even pay for the damage – just to reinstall the furnace properly – they refuse to even talk to us ! Said they will only talk to our insurance company ( we did not turn it in to insurance company) so they won’t talk to us . We now need to hire an attorney. Please be cautious before dealing with this company they are VERY DISHONEST! I believe they came under new ownership about 6 years ago. New owners are not to be trusted!!

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Address: 10773rd avenue SW Carmel, Indiana USA



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