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Complaint: Texas and Texans will stop at nothing to prevent first-time voters like me from voting. I went to Grisham Middle School (10805 School House Lane, Austin, TX 78750) this morning, as it’s the precinct (274) I’m supposed to reported to. I had my Voter Card with me, which took Texas more than four months to mail to me. The four old ugly women that were there, and didn’t know how to use a computer, could not find my name in their system after nearly 10 minutes of effort. Then one of the ugly trolls made a phone-call, after which she then told me I wasn’t “eligible”” because I registered less than 30 days before the election. Why good is sending me the Voter Card when I’m not allowed to vote?!! Diana Smith ([email protected]) wouldn’t give me an explanation. Neither would Connie Watson ([email protected]) and Codie Savage ([email protected]). All Texans

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Address: all crooks. Telling people to go and vote

Website: but treated customers poorly and with no respect. What’s next? I’m not “”eligible”” to vote in the Texas primary. Because I’m a c***k? Because I’m a naturalized citizen? Because of some rinky-dinky rule that only Texas can come up with? Texans have not treated me with any respect since I moved here in 2009. Therefore

Phone: but pulling all kinds of tricks to prevent people from voting. Texans sure know how to talk big

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