Windwhistle Bahamas New York New York Review


A risky rental, especially if you are traveling with kids; we had two with us. Property is dangerous and not as nice as the pictures suggest; especially the kitchen which is dated, dirty, worn and has seen better days. This homeowner is deceitful on his best day and an out and out liar on his worst. The PROPERTY: The home is maybe 3000sf and not the 5000sf that the owner will mislead you to think. There is a guesthouse 15 yards from the main house. This guesthouse has a long-term tenant with dogs that sometimes roam the property freely and bark loudly at night. The home IS NOT luxurious, as advertised. It’s old and worn with chipped paint, broken door-knobs and screens, rusted hardware and fittings etc. The house has updates like AC and modern furniture etc. which help it to show well in pictures online, but don’t fool, many parts of house are in a state of serious disrepair and neglect. Many doors don’t close/lock properly including some outer-doors; leaving you unsecure at night. The main spiral staircase has glass landings, no risers, and is a slipping and falling hazard to children; especially if their feet are wet. The fridge leaked water onto floor making an invisible slick. Carpets were stained and a disgusting eye-sore. Bed linens were filthy and were not cleaned. Main room AC and DVD player were both broken. No Soaps provided as the owner advertised. The grill was and took days to be repaired. There was exposed plumbing and wiring all over the house and the grounds. The pool area has PVC pipes, protruding 7in from the ground. Makeshift pool stairs are sharp, unstable cinder blocks stacked on the edge. A quarter of the length of the pool is 4ft deep then drops-off sharply and the rest of the pool is 9ft. The beach isn’t private as this owner advertised because the guesthouse tenants have access and frequently use it. There are few sandy areas on the beach which means you will have limited use given the high tides. There is lots of broken glass littering the beach making it a hazard to walk. The pier is nice but only useful for fishing. The OWNER: This guy agreed to refund any credit card fees for the rental; he did not, and on top of this charged exchange rate fees from GBP to USD. Upon arriving we e-mailed owner to alert him that items were missing, broken or dirty. Instead of apolozing for ANY of the problems, his response was simply that WE were ‘unpleaseable’ and if we were so unhappy with the rental that, we could leave (without a refund of our money of course); I kid you not. Before booking we asked if there was any nearby construction going on that would disturb our stay. He told us that there wasn’t any and yet, right on the property next door, there were steel pylons being driven into the sea-bed all week long for construction of a new pier. We woke up every morning to earth-shattering construction pounding every morning. Our deposit and credit-card fees were never returned as was advertised and as was promised. A month after departing from the rental, we were still e-mailing and calling the owner to get our deposit and fees, We were forced to file a fraud complaint with the credit card. Once we did this, the owner finally returned our e-mail with: “I need your credit card details the (one) you used thanks””. When I informed him that we filed a vendor fraud complaint with the card company which instructed us to have him deal directly with the company

he wrote back: “”After close inspection a refund was not due to the power used you actually still owe me some USD but I will over look this as a good will gesture. Case closed””. There is no way possible we used anywhere near that amount of power to justify keeping our deposit and we caused absolutely no damage

in fact leaving the property in a cleaner state than we found it in. After a two month investigation

the credit card company determined that the homeowner acted fraudulently

credited us the money due to us and issued a charge-back to the homeowner. When I went to submit a review of this property and owner on Homeaway and VRBO

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