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Donít Give you time

Wingate Wealth Advisors donít like to give proper attention to their clients. I donít recommend their services because these people seem to remain too busy with their other clients. As someone who pays them a high fee, youíd end up feeling ignored and expendable. Itís a horrible feeling and you certainly donít expect your financial advisor to make you feel like this.

Wingate Wealth Advisors is a financial planning firm based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Wingate Wealth Advisors have the following faults:

Donít Give You Time:

Probably the biggest fault this firm has is the little time they give to their clients. I donít get to talk to my advisor properly because they never have enough time. IF you claim to offer personalized services to your clients, you should be able to give your clients sufficient time. However, that doesnít happen here. The people at this firm are always busy. I mean ďalwaysĒ. It is quite irritating because if your advisor is always busy, how will they help you plan out your finances and answer your questions? During the phone calls, my advisor has made me feel as if they donít have the time to talk to me and seem very pretentious. You can find plenty of service providers in Massachusetts who will be happy to spend three hours in a meeting with you. However, that wouldnít happen here. Even if it does, the advisor will make you feel guilty for taking such a long amount of time.

Believe me, you donít want to stay on the receiving end of that treatment. I have never seen such unprofessional and arrogant behaviour anywhere else. You donít expect your financial advisor to act as if their time is more valuable than yours. Itís not like I have all the free time in the world and donít have anything else to do. I also have responsibilities and a schedule to follow. So when my financial advisor tries to make it seem as if their time is more valuable than mine, it feels very insulting. A wealth advisor shouldnít have such arrogance in their demeanour. It is not good. 

Donít Talk Properly:

Another huge issue I have with the financial advisors at Wingate Wealth Advisors is they donít talk properly during meetings and phone calls. My financial advisor tends to use a lot of jargon and complicated terms, which makes it quite challenging for me to understand what they are saying. When I canít understand what they are saying, I canít make what they are conveying. Moreover, when you talk to your financial advisor, you usually talk about important financial decisions such as your retirement plans or your preferred investments. So when your financial advisor doesnít respond in a language that you can understand, how can you expect the conversation to continue? 

I have tried to get them to explain what they are saying but because they never have enough time for me, they never do. Instead, they move onto the next topic without listening to me. The people at this firm are good at ignoring their clients, I know that for certain.  

Donít Accept Criticism:

These people should realise that Lexington has many other financial advisors. They donít have a monopoly so they canít get away with such terrible services. Iím writing this review here because Iíve become hopeless. Their advisors donít seem to comprehend criticism. If they would have taken my criticism before and would have improved their services, I wouldnít have needed to write a review. You can only ask someone once. I wouldnít share any details about myself here because I want to maintain my privacy. This platform lets me post anonymously which is an excellent feature and I would maintain the same. 

Like I said, I have tried to share my complaints with them before, but they donít listen. 

Wingate Wealth Advisors Review : Not Worth The Money

Wingate Wealth Advisors are clearly not worth your money. You can hire a much responsible and caring financial firm for far lesser fees in Massachusetts. These people are the worst when it comes to client service. I donít recommend their services to anyone, not even my enemies.

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