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Complaint: SCAM, Eastern European Mafia appears to be running this Illegal Massage Service. It is a major prostitution ring in London. I located this WINKS London massage on the Internet whilst I was looking for a Sensual Massage after an 18 hour flight and needed a nice sensual massage to relax and be ready for the next day meetings at work. They advertise as being a 5 star sensual , tantric and nude massage company and to my HORROR they were nothing close to this. The girl who turned up appeared to be a drug addict and had visible injection marks on her body and some white stuff traced just below her disgusting runny nose! Yuck! I immediately called the receptionist and reported this and was asked to pay u00a3250 (the fee that is advertised for the hour on their website for cancellation, and that another girl would turn up who would be matching my high expectations within 30 minutes which will only cost me u00a350 pounds more (on top pf that u00a3250 already paid). I refused to pay and suddenly and guy with a strong Russian accent grabbed the phone from the lady receptionist (who i was speaking with) and threatened me that he will come and beat me up and will make sure that I will never be able to walk for a 3 months at least. I still refused and told him that he cannot do that and to stop bothering me and that I will only pay a reasonable cancellation fee (which normally should be u00a350 or even u00a3100 as did not have time to waste with these scum bags. The Russian / eastern accent mafia guy then said that some one will drive over me when i leave my hotel this evening and it will look like an accident. I was really terrified and then paid the money and asked her to ****off. The lady receptionist then called me after 30 minuted and said that another girl is outside my door. I opened the door and there was this stunning blonde girl who looked like a playboy model. I thanked then receptionist on the phone and let the girl in to my room. And guess what happens next the girl undresses and starts to smoke (what smelt like weed) I immediately stopped her and told that the alarm will go off and that it is a non smoking room. She was then lying on my bed right next to me and asked me for more money if I wanted to do anything! I had already paid her the extra u00a350 when she arrived so what else was she asking for? When I asked this she mentioned that u00a3100.00 extra for full S*x and u00a350 for oral without and u00a380 for A level fun to which i replied that I was just looking for a sensual massage. She laughed at me and said that I should know that these is no such thing as a nude massage or tantric massage in London and how can a man and a woman be naked in front of each other without S*x? I mean she was hot and I would have, in fact I almost paid but I noticed that she too had some injection marks and was on her days of the month and saw the blood on her lingerie!! I immediately asked her to leave and threatened to call the hotel security if she didn’t. What an utter waste of time and money! This prostitution ring should be reported to the police normally but since no body wants the unnecessary embarrassment such businesses thrive easily. AVOID this scam and prostitution racket run by some Eastern European or Russian Mafia and drug peddlers.

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Phone: +442071187118

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