Wintrax Logistics Inc. Review


These people contacted me through . They offered me a position of payment manager, as a remote position. I checked for any red flags online, there were none. They were even registered on the Canadian federal websites for 3 years.They asked for the completed application and one piece of ID, which I sent them thinking they were legit. We had a phone interview too. I blacked out my DL number and Birthday(I missed once spot where it was a second time, and so I had to go to my bank, and close my account).They then sent me an application info email, followed by two questionnaires, all of it seemed legit.After that, this lady, Tiana Newman, pretending to be the HR for this fake company, asks me if I’m ready for the practical part of the candidate exam. I said yes, expecting that I would be sent excel sheets or information which I would have to analyze or something.Instead she said, that she would send me money via Interac to my personal bank account which I would have to cash out, convert to Bitcoin and hand over to their agent. According to her my "corporate account was being set up" but I would have to use my personal account in the meantime. That was a big indication and I became aware of what they actually are.I instantly searched for newer types of scams and sure enough i found articles about this exact same method. They transfer money stolen from another account, which would be reverted back to the owner once the bank had processed the fraud charges. This fake company would have gotten away with their Bitcoin currency and the victim would end up double spending.They even set up their fake website which looks legit at a glance, then i noticed the discrepancies like no "About Us" section, the board of directors are all customers and they can be anyone. Their services are explained very vaguely and they include stock photos when you try to open the link. Also, the address on their website is just a regular house, not even an office.Extremely dangerous scammers, I hope no one falls for this. Luckily, I did not divulge any more information and took the necessary steps to protect myself from any further implications.

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