WITS Training North Wales Pennsylvania Review


I am so happy I didnt get sucked into this school. After re3ading the ripoffs about it, all over the Inetrnet, I decided to email and got a letter back from JD, who is the ceo or president. He says all the remarks are from student that probably failed the testing. I told him I didnt think so. He said its some sicko. nAll those responses?? Um, sorry JD, I think you and your ripoof school are the real ripoffs. nI called 8 gyms. They never heard of your training. I called 2 morre, and they laughed. nI called your office, and got a $5 voice mail with a $2 attitude. nBeware of this school folks. They need to refund the money of the students that they ripped off. They may want to pass that student or students HAHAHAHAHA They are a total sham. nBarbaranNorth Wales, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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