Woodforest National Bank Review


Right from the beginning I asked if they”re how much it is to start a bank account and it is there any hidden fees or any fees I should know about the teller said there”s a $3 statement fee but you can switch to online and be taken care of after I signed up then he gave me a brochure about the 695 fee I don”t have $100 or direct deposit and gave me a brochure after we open the account I was a little upset but then we find out two weeks later when my daughter gets her next check that there is $15 missing from her account and apparently they took it out for a debit fee which we were not informed at all! And that fee is not listed in their brochure. They messed up with my daughter”s account so we had to sign my paperwork we refused to sign and we wanted our $15 back we would have never signed up for the account if we were told about the fee or if it was in the brochure. The branch manager refused and was rude about it. This is a scam and a fraud2 that we were lied to and was misinformed and they took money from my daughter without our consent & they will not refund her.

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