WoodSpring Suites PHX I-17 Dunlap Gilbert Arizona Review


WoodSpring Suites 8808 North Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85051 602-242-6564 www.woodspring.com/ This hotel chain is a name change from what used to be ValuePlace Hotels and there are at least three in the metro PHX area. The claim is that these are now being run by a new company and that they have been renovated and upgraded from the ValuePlace models I’ve stayed at in the past. Neither of those claims seem to be true. The units are indentical in nature to the prior ones, no renovations have been done since cabinets, toilets, showers, flooring, and the rest are dated, worn, including bedding and headboards, saying nothing is changed. Stupid policies that were present in the old business model remain in the new management and that says all they did is steal money from people, fail to offer a product, not pay creditors, and then changed their name to do this anew. Nothing is changed other than the name and the places are older and less clean and seem to be more expensive. I’ve seen this pattern of behavior before and this location shares a feature I discovered at an area Studio 6 hotel, that being, a form of installed electronic harassment that uses audio detectors and some kind of transducer to shake or slam the walls and floors as they sample noise sources to do that. It is true and ongoing. This location is near Black Canyon Hwy and to be fair almost all the vehicles that pass this building, it is close to the road and I-17, have two common qualities, they have no muffler and are run at 100% throttle for some reason. It is abusive in that regard as well as for the other reason that makes that noise at times be transduced and (the building acts as a stereo radio speaker would) it shakes in unison with the sound source. It is done when I am in shower at times, wall shakes and the floor shakes as well and it is in direct proportion and response to the external audio source and likely as sampled IN THE ROOMs ! ! You do not want and can not have this ongoing and they can not legally do it. Why do they? Good questions. Other than that the room is filthy as I entered to use it: A smell of urine being the carpet, walls, and possibly bedding are saturated with it. Headboard of bed is covered with some slimy white crap in spots, has some other substance splased all over it and on the other side someone spit out a bunch of black gooey crap onto it. Pillows are dated and dirty. Walls are covered with some kind of other liquid being splased on them with streaks and spatters of crud on them and this only took a simple process with a wash cloth to remedy. Kitchen cabinets same problem, caked on goo and grease on areas used to open them, faces are worn with bits of the cabinet face peeling and chipping off, nothing new here. The vinyl flooring is intact but was filthy and covered with grey crud. Meaning a dirty mop was used to apply more dirt to the problem. I had to clean it with a towel on day one taking off scads of grey crud and hair making the towel black and grey in color. The AC/Heat unit is caked with dirt and other stains of crap being who knows what and has likely not been cleaned since the place was built in 2009 or whenever that was. This is a bunch of felonies to be fair.

8808 North Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, Arizona USA



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