Worksmart Merchandising Muscadine Alabama


Complaint: I worked for this company for several years. Up until now I had very few issues with them. Several weeks ago they called me about a job that would require me to travel about160 miles per day for 4 days to help with a merchandising reset. I tried to negotiate additional compensation with them and after having no success with the person I had been speaking to, I tried to reach a supervisor. At that point the the account manager called me back and seemed to have taken my trying to reach her supervisor for additional compensation personally. She seemed to be angry and said “I need to know if you are going to do this job for us or not”” I declined the job and the next thing I found out is that I was being terminated for being “”disrespectful””. through further communication with this company

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: it seems that they equate loud negotiation concerning rates with “”rudeness”” . I have worked in the retail merchandising industry for many years as a contractor for many different companies and I know that rate negotiation is a part of the process. It seems that Worksmart is not aware of this

Website: since this was also mentioned in their conversation after my termination for “”disrespect””. I would advise anyone considering working for this company to keep an eye on what you are being compensated. They seem to promise one thing

Phone: and takes offense when its workers try to negotiate better terms. They seem to see this a being disrespectful. I guess they think you should accept whatever terms they offer you without further discussion. I also wanted to mention that I negotiated travel expense on a job they assigned me to previous to this one. I noticed that the travel expense was not being included in my pay

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