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Seems to be a scam. Website showed today as not available. I signed up for leads that would be provided as set appointments through this company in the fall. Matthew rhodes was their sales person’s name. I spent many months learning about this company, asking questions and getting references. Once we pull the trigger and agreed to enter into a contract with them for lead generation they became like a ghost. We followed their procedures of weekly contact and sunday night follow up. We even engage with them on a few occasions when the leads were not being generated as promised and they suggested a friday night follow up to improve our lead generation. Not only did the lead generation get worse but contact with them has become extinct. On many of our phone calls to them we had witnesses and detectives listen to the phone conversations. They were very adversarial and almost threatening the way their “manager” spoke with us. I don’t trust them perhaps you should not either. If they return our money i will post that on here otherwise i would be very concerned this is not the only name that they have used in the past. It appears they change their name and their website when the going gets tough. It is obvious they are not interested in providing the leads that they promise. I have concerns as well that they are using the saint charles illinois address as one address for correspondence. And then other addresses for where their “sales people“ call from to get you to join their organization. Perhaps this is a widespread scam with movable parts all over the country.

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