World clown association SAC California Review


I have looked everywhere for your corp. You say you are in N CAROLINA, they say no. I looked in DE and it was void about 11 years ago . I looked in CA and they say it was FORFEITED in 1989. So where is it, the EIN number they say is not real. Do you think the people deserve to have the knowledge if you are real or not. One thing we no for sure you are not a foreign corp, so that means you can not work in all states. Because you would be listed in all states and you are not listed in 6 that I know for sure. Yet you are at the top of google taking all the work in your field. Lucy you have some saplaining to do!! I say this in good faith. If any of the millions out there who read this blog can tell me where to find them, please tell me.

1305 castlia dr Cary north carolina Internet United States of America

800 3367922

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