WorldStrides Complaint


After having paid in full for a trip, we had a family situation come up. I wrote and asked for a refund. I also reminded them that I had purchased insurance that is supposed to cover this. I canceled on November 17th, 2014. On December 29th 2014, a $79.00 deposit was made from them into my checking account. On January 12th, I was on hold with customer service, for over 50 minutes. I explained that I”ve never received the big refund of nearly $500.00. A girl advised me that balanced owed to me was mailed the same day as the refund of $79.00 was deposited in my checking account. I was confused as to why the entire balance was not put back into my checking. Furthermore, where is that refund!!! I”ve never received it. After several conversations with supervisors and management, I was getting no answer that made sense. The manager happened to repeat an address to me that was incorrect. That freaked me out. He gave me my neighbors address. He also said that if it hadn”t been returned to sender via the post office, They would have to put a stop payment on the check. This they said would take 30 days and then they”ll issue another refund. My neighbor has never seen any mail from them to me. If she had, she would”ve given it to me. I don”t know what”s going on with this company, but something is wrong with this picture! I don”t know where to turn!

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