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So, this guy JUSTIN WORTHEY, you can recognize him by his numerous mugshots and the fact that he wants to be an INSURANCE AGENT, like his loser of a FATHER, but poor old JUSTIN can’t even get DADDY FRED, to be him a TRUCKIE WUCKIE!!!!! Now JUSTIN JAMES WORTHEY, is the type of guy, that apparently likes to sell drugs, use drugs, buy drugs, drive drunk, (twice) bounce checks, accused recently of on line impersonation, dumped by his former wife, Tara, attacks people with crow bars, or hammers, spends months upon months in prison, is the supposed heir apparent to the WORTHLESS INSURANCE AGENCY, will try and SCAM YOU, CLAIMING TO BE A LICENSED TEXAS INSURANCE AGENT, BUT HE CAN’T EVEN APPARENTLY GET A LICENSE Work in a correctional facility..So to give you a better understanding of JUSTIN WORTHEY, here is a small list of his convictions and the offense associated with them, Get Comfortable, its long!!!!!!! TARRANT COUNTY CRIMINAL DISTRICT COURT CASE 1277122R AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON .

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