Wu Yi Source VISALIA California Review


Wu Yi Source Tea: I was mislead when I signed up for a free trial of their tea. I received a 30 day supply when they offered a 14 day free trial. Then they charged me $59.95 because they sent a 30 day supply. . I will receive a refund when I return the tea since I was within the 60 days guarantee and receive no further charges. nInsider Secrets Tips: This is one of two bonuses for ordering the tea. They sneak in a monthly charge of $4.95 for access to their website. After calling the number from my bank statement I spoke to a person who cancelled my account and gave me confirmation # but refused to refund the initial charge. nComprehensive ebook: The second rip-off bonus for ordering the tea. They charge $9.95 a month for web access. To cancel call 800-989-5907. They too only cancel, but no refund. nToo gulliblenVISALIA, CaliforniaU.S.A.

5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Suite #400 Ontario, California U.S.A.


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