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I received a fax at my job showing the following nTo: All Employees nFrom: H.R. Dept. nRe: Employee Travel Program nReply To: Booking and Reservations at 1-877-331-0676. nOf course looking like if was safe I called and booked this wondersfully described vacation 6 days & 5 nights w/all meals included for $301 per person to Riviera Mayan – Hotel Caracol and a bonus trip to Villa Sol – Costa Rica $200 per person 5 days and 4 nights all inclusive for myself as well as for my brother and his wife. I gave the lady my credit card and was emailed my receipt from [email protected]. The contract stated I had 2 years to book so I felt safe knowing I would be able to get both trips booked withing the 2 year time period. nI followed up with an email back to [email protected] to recap what they had told me I purchased. I did not receive an email back but again thought it was safe and would be fine since they had given me a confirmation number: CT07150907 and CT07290904. nAbout a year and 1/2 later I decided to book our vacations. I called 877-331-0676, 866-704-5945 and 866-704-5938 (they are now using 888-226-8902) an was told that my package had expired and I would have to pay additional monies. I tried to explain I have a contract that states 2 years and she began to laugh. I requested to speak with a supervisor and she put me on hold and then answered the phone again but just set it on he desk and talked with her fellow employees. nShe finally decided to talk with me again an I told her this was wrong and that I would be in touch with my attorney and get back with them. She said that was fine that there was nothing I could do about this and to just get over it. I was about to blow my stack!!! nI did talk with my attorney and I do have a good case however, the problem is who to send the demand letter to. Sandos, of course, says these are not their email addresses so they will not accept any fault. nThis is so wrong and someone needs to get these people shut down. I do not think I will ever be able to trust anyone else regarding travel to Mexico. We were so excited about our much needed vacation due to I had recently lost my brother in a suicide that wrecked my family. nIn the future, I will do major research before I will allow any other business to charge my credit card for a vacation.

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