www.solect-us.net Toronto Ontario Review


I went to this site www.solect-us.net in order to buy a pair of shoes that I wanted. They seem to specialize in Nike shoes. They had the shoes at a discount, but still a reasonable price that seemed believeable and not “too good to be true. I submitted my order and when the screen showed that it had received my order and that I would be getting a confirmation email shortly I went to my email to check (as I am used to receiving the confirmation email instantly with retail sites). When I didn’t receive it for many hours

I became suspicious. The confirmation did eventually get sent to my email but seemed very unprofessionaly and when I tried emailing the address they had given me in the confirmation it did not work. I was suspicious and started researching everything I could find on this company and realized there was no direct phone number or email. I wrote many online forms to the company’s submission forms requesting a phone number or somebody I could connect with

I didn’t receive anything but an email from random email addresses called “”Sales”” or “”Service”” saying not to worry and that my order would be completed soon. 3 days after my order submission I received an email saying my payment had gone through (under the name FSJM CO.

LTD SHENZHEN on my Credit Card statement). I continued pressing harder on them and sending in more requests for contact info when it was 5 days after order submission with limited and inconsistent contact from the company and no DHL Shipping Tracking number had been sent to me like they said it would

I received another notice a day later saying to be patient and that I would be receiving the tracking number soon. All of their emails seem to come from somebody who cannot speak or spell in english very comfortably. I strongly suspect this is an operation in asia and not USA. To this day

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