Wyatt Glass Review


Wyatt Glass (www.facebook.com/wyatt.glass1?fref=browse_search), Jennifer Luther (www.facebook.com/jennifer.b.luther?fref=ts) Devin Bragg “Handyman for Hire” Atlantic Beach, FL Wyatt @ 843-593-2036 Jenn @ 843-441-0512 Offering services involving contractor, handyman for hire, petsitting, etc. All have criminal records. All act like they do. Do NOT let any of these people anywhere near you or your homes! Caveat emptor. Created a nightmare of bad work that had to be fixed by others who were paid dearly, refused to refund money for the project they were hired for and abandonned their work. Then I learned of the theft and criminal records to compound it. What’s truly scary is the idea of these criminals in anyone’s home, caring for a pet or left unattended. Apparently all the Florida Sheriffs Boys Camp, that Wyatt Glass and Devin Bragg attended, (for reforming troubled criminal youths — www.youthranches.org) does is pair them up with their future partners in crime. Some relationship to this company as well: www.facebook.com/pages/Handyman-For-Hire/212520882227832.

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