Wyndam Hotels and Resorts Brighton Massachusetts Review


I tried to log into my Wyndam Rewards account and was notified that it had been closed. When I called to ask why my account had been canceled, I was informed it was because of 18 months of inactivity. My account was canceled without any prior notification, even though I had unused points. In addition, I was still receiving Wyndham Rewards emails, even after the date of the alleged account cancellation. The emails included my account number and the number of points I had associated with the account. So not only did I not receive any notification, they reinforced my belief that I had an active account through the emails they were sending me. I ended up spending money on Wyndham brand hotels so that I could earn points, only to have them cancelled before being able to use them. Customer Service was unable to offer any solution, even though I am going on a 7 day trip and planned to book hotels with Wyndham. I will easily be able to book with another brand that offers comparable lodgings, and will do so Wyndham has lost another customer.

1950 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas United States of America


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