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Complaint: Steven and Tenneil gave me this story: In April, 2006, in Atlantic City, NJ, we were approached by people offering free gifts to go to a 90-minute timeshare presentation. We were told that we would be making one of the best investments possible as a young couple. In actuality we were taken advantage of because we were a young and inexperienced couple who were led to believe by high-pressure sales tactics, that this purchase was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that rates would go up if we did not purchase today. Also that this was such a great deal we would be crazy not to take advantage of it as prices would go up drastically because timeshares were so popular. In order to create a false sense of urgency, they said they “were willing to cut the price to make it more affordable and manageable for our budget

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Address: when they knew it was going to be a severe burden. Not only were we going to be shelling out the max we could afford to spend on a down payment

Website: we could make enough money to pay the maintenance fees plus enough to mostly pay our loan amount. They tried to pressure us into buying more time. When we refused

Phone: but also be paying a good chunk of both our paychecks each month to cover the various fees associated with the purchase. Many benefits we were promised would come with our membership

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