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Complaint: Wynn’s Extended Warranty policies are a RIP-OFF! The sellers of these policies give the buyers a warm & fuzzy feeling convincing them that everything will be taken care of in the event of a break-down. In reality, the sellers (car dealers, mail houses, etc.) receive significant bonuses from Wynn’s for hustling these policies and the buyers invariably end up paying for it one way or another down the road! Wynn’s new philosophy is to pay less than fair market prices for policy-listed covered repairs and expose policy owners to unpaid price differences in addition to required claim deductibles. Wynn’s usually demands that shops install cheap parts or to install cheap parts that they’ll ship in. Everyone knows that a vehicle’s value and dependability deteriorates when cheap, non-factory parts are installed. It wasn’t always like this, but the company has taken a pronounced 180-degree change in direction, with respect to customer service, during the past year. Wynn’s claims representatives are oftentimes rude, indifferent, and could care less about the policy buyers or the repair shop owners. They drag claims out, sometimes for days, and pick & choose what they’ll cover and what they won’t. I’ve witnessed repeated arguments between my boss and Wynn’s claim representatives, between vehicle owners and Wynn’s claim representatives, and the internet is loaded with complaints about Wynn’s, too! WARNING: Extended vehicle warranty buyers or shop owners must prepare themselves for a rough and expensive ride when dealing with Wynn’s Extended Warranty, Inc. The following is only a partial list of shops all over the country recently reporting having trouble with Wynn’s Extended Warranties: Craig Johnson Automotive (Rowland Heights, California) Eastridge Autoplex (Casper, Wyoming) Windmill Service Center (Dimondale, Michigan) Performance Tune (Fort Collins, Colorado) Specialty Transmission (Brighton, Illinois) Shetron’s South-End Garage (Waynesboro, Pennsylvania) Clinton Anderson Automotive (Arlington, Minnesota) The list goes on, and on, and on. My advice is to avoid extended vehicle warranty policies altogether. After reading this blog, if you really feel the need to buy one, demand a copy of the actual policy you’ll be buying BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT! The legitimate companies will let you have the policy so that you can have an attorney look it over. Call a variety of local repair shops to check their experiences with that warranty company, and if that’s too much trouble, JUST DON’T BUY ONE! Also remember that, ‘The big print giveth wilst the small print taketh away!’ When it comes to vehicle extended warranties, you’ll always win without Wynn’s! Jeb Hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.

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