Xclusive Fence and Rails Miami Beach Florida Review


In August, 2014, I contracted with Miguel Vazquez of Xclusive Fence and Rails to install a fence at a rental property. The cost was $2,000. I paid $1,000 up front and also gave him a lock and a knob valued at $48. I voluntarily asked him to delay the install as the power was not on at the property and I wanted to wait until there was full power so there would be no issues with the fence installation. In the meantime, I contracted with him to provide other welding at a different property and gave him an $880 deposit for that work. In the interim, he had some personal problems and cancelled the second welding job. He asked if he could keep the $880 and apply it to the fence instead of returning it to me. Like a nice person, I said OK. I was ready to install the fence in May 2015, but he kept making excuses. The excuse making went on until November 2015, when he actually came to the property with the fence on his truck. He couldn’t install it that day because of a violent thunderstorm and heavy rain, but promised he would return to install as soon as the weather cleared. After that meeting in November 2015, he has been avoiding my calls. He will answer if I call from someone else’s phone but then lies about installing the fence. I called him today from a friend’s phone and while he answered, as soon as he heard it was me, he hung up. I did some research on the county recorder’s website and found that he had been sued in September / October 2015, but since the process server could not locate him, the suit was dropped. I ended up paying $1,880 towards a $2,000 fence that I never received.

10535 NW 27 Avenue Miami , Florida USA


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