XHeli.com Complaint


A few months ago I purchased some propeller blades and batteries for my radio controlled helicopter from xheli.com. My package arrived about 10 days later. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found just a small nitro engine (later found out that it’s for a radio controlled car). Their customer service (actually [protected]@xheli.com is where their emails came from) said they would send me my correct order when I returned the engine, AT MY EXPENSE!!! They took no responsibility for their shipping department mistake. Thinking that surely since I did nothing wrong, and shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake, I asked my credit card company to cancel the charge. They did, but later put the charge back on. So now I have paid $83 for my original order, which I never received, and have a $150 (as listed on xheli.com) engine that I can’t use. I guess I’ll get on ebay and see if I can at least sell the engine for what I had to pay for it. I will never purchase from xheli.com again!

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