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I used to think Xoom was an amazing service – at least up until I had my first experience with them. I transferred $2999 to my family outside the US using Xoom on March 19, 2014. The transaction ID was: X061xxxxxxxx3230. The good news is that the money did transfer in a timely manner. Bad news is that I got hit by unanticipated fees. Now for the details: At the time of the transaction I used a Xoom coupon (code: MARCHALONG) that advised me that there would be no charge regardless of whether I use a Credit card or my bank account to fund the transaction. Further, I was not made aware in advance that using the credit card to fund the transaction would cause the transaction to be seen as a “”Cash Advance””. I completed the transaction in good faith with the understanding that there would be no charge. Unfortunately, I was subsequently hit by a $89.97 credit card transaction fees. I reached out to xoom to resolve the situation (potentially canceling the credit card transaction and using my bank account to fund the transaction), but their customer service was curt and said they could do nothing about it since the transaction was completed. I also reached out to my credit card company and they advised me that the best recourse was to have xoom cancel the transaction and fund it by my bank account. However, given Xoom is unable to do so, I’m left with no choice but to complain here. I feel xoom could have done better by intimating me in advance of the transaction that this transaction would be seen as a “”Cash advance”” and that I would be hit by a CC transaction fees. Given they didn’t do so and I placed the transaction in good faith, I got hit by the fees that I didn’t anticipate coming. .

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