XXL ultimate bully pitbulls South Carolina


Complaint: I bought a fawn colored pup from Steve Parker several months ago(on puppies link on his site) babycakes. I sign a contract with him and informed him about my nervousness sending that much money across the country and he assured me that he sends dogs across the country all the time n that there was nothing to worry about. I stupidly trusted this mans word and send him $600 for a deposit/ after that deposit the dog would be shipped. Time and time again excuse after excuse he couldn’t ship the dog for numerous reasons and excuses. Finally he said he would just send me my money back and I agreed. He said he had sent my money through the postal service.. Weeks went by still no money, said ita just taking awhile I asked for the code to see where it was at in the country and he would never send me the numbers to look up. Weeks kept going by and still excuse after excuse. i waited a few weeks without texting and finally texted back and said “oh I haven’t heard from you in awhile I thought u got it

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Address: I’ll send me wife to the post office in the morning to see why it hasn’t gotten there.”” Months have went by and went by and I’ve texted him numerous numerous time n he will not text me back. I have picture and proof for anyone who would like to see that I had a contract with him and what the de and terms where to the contract and pictures of receipts that shows the amount of money sent and dates it was sent. what makes all this worse is that I kept telling the man how I wasn’t crazy about sending money that far to someone I didn’t know and he continued to assure me that he was a good guy and he ships all over the country. Well he took my $600 and still no dog and this man is not even respectable enough or have the balls to speak back. Advise to anyone wanting a dog DO NOT do business with this man. Unless u can physically go to his house and get the dog n even then after how this man did me I wouldn’t even be sure to trust that the pup hes giving you is what he says because I have proof that he WILL lie and WILL scam and by any means DO NOT wire this man money. You can email me or call and with any questions or to view the info/proof I have of him scamming me. Hopefully you will not be the next person he scams thanks.”


Phone: Idaho USA

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