Yellow Cab Company Review


Richard Tyler has been harassing myself as well as my children and my boyfriend while using the company yellow cab . He has appeared at my place of work entered and made threats. He has pulled up in the cab and yelled threats outside of my boyfriends job. He has appeared at my sons job and made threats as well as called my workplace constantly threatening me . He has also used the company to extort income . He receives social security and claims to make only $300 a month with the cab so that he can maintain social security benefits and dodge child support . He says the company gives him no evidence of income . However he posts that he makes $1, 000 a week on the cab and also uses it to traffic marijuana . I suggest to protect your company from further liability you have a talk with your employee . I have an attorney already investigating all aspects of this case. You can reach me at [protected] for comment . Thank you

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