Yiska Sarah Jones – Houston, Texas Texas


My then 46 year old husband has admitted to having an affair with Yiska Sarah Jones. Yiska Sarah, who was at the time 22-years old, was actively presenting herself as a very frum (yiddush for modest, observant of Orthodox laws and customs) Orthodox Jew attending Meyerland Minyan synagogue in Houston, Texas. My husband met her there at a synagogue affiliated event. Details of the affair are also substantiated by over 40 emails between the two of them. The emails detail their affair, and verify that Yiska Sarah was quite aware of my husband’s status as a married man from her very first contact with my husband. They further verify how she herself lied to me; how she set her sights on him from the very first meeting and pursued him for over 6 months despite his married status; how they began their affair at or around 1 AM Valentine’s morning (Feb 14, 2016) following an outing with several other members of the synagogue. My husband has told me about how high Yiska Sarah was at the time of their first hook-up and has indicated that she is a habitual marijuana smoke. The emails and my husband’s statements also confirm that, while involved with my husband, Yiska Sarah was also involved with a man whom the Rabbi’s wife had set her up as a sdduch (a match). Details regarding how my husband and Yiska Sarah then began cohabitating in the apartment he had in Houston for his long-term out-of-town work assignment are also included in the emails. According to my husband, Yiska Sarah continued her involvement with the other man for at least another three to four weeks while actively having sex with him on an almost every night basis. My husband has also told me how Yiska Sarah assumed the role of wife in a religous, not just strictly sexual sense, lightiing Shabbat candles for him as if he was her husband, etc. There is even an email exchange in which, when my husband expressed doubts about the relationship, Yiska Sarah then manipulated the belief system of Orthodox Judaism to convince my husband that G’d himself wanted their relationship, telling him that listening to his fears and doubts was equal to him “not listening to his neshamas and, by proxy, Hashem, …. as well as our hearts are very well aware that we are two halves. The external trappings of life, our brains, what we consider to be rational thought, and this worldly experience lead us to both fear and question what our intrinsic and divine natures know to be true.” I have since been told of other affairs with married men or engaged men, many of them within the same synagogue. It seems that, due to the fact that her mother left her when she was 12, Yiska Sarah can only feel of worth and value when she takes men away from other women all while claiming it is G’d’s will that she do so….. Update: my husband has tested positive for herpes since his involvement with Yiska Sarah.

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