Yuba-Sutter Spca Spay-Neuter Review


SUMMARY OF MY CLAIM AGAINST YUBA SUTTER SPCA The Yuba Sutter SPCA knowingly and willingly adopted out a cat that had a widespread skin infection, severe, chronic vomiting indicative of an underlying condition and, they should have known, she had a loud heart murmur. I lost my Persian cat to cancer in October 2014. I’ve been looking for another Persian and found the perfect one at the Yuba Sutter SPCA. I adopted Lady/ Sophie from the Yuba Sutter SPCA on Saturday, March 14, 2015 with the understanding that she was six years old, recovering from a flea infestation and had a sensitive stomach that required a special diet. I purchased health insurance for her the following day. Within the first 38 hours she threw up ten times. On Monday morning, March 16, 2015, she vomited and blood spurted from her nose. I rushed her to SF SPCA who informed me that she has a loud heart murmur and there is an undiagnosed condition beyond a sensitive stomach that is causing her chronic vomiting. Now, with a heart murmur and expensive diagnostic testing, I am faced with an extraordinary financial burden for pre-existing conditions that Sophie’s health insurance company won’t cover or face the unbearable, heartbreaking task of having to euthanize a second cat within six months. I requested that the Yuba Sutter SPCA pay half of the $1,600 emergency visit bill. The owner, Norma Rubio responded by asking me to stop threatening and harassing her. .

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