Zaida Velez – Clinton, Massachusetts Massachusetts


My boyfriend was awesome for a long time, I had our first child which had issues and we were in the hospital for 3 months. Because of our situation we started to communicate with more with his brother. I really didn’t like his brother but wanted him to have a relationship again with him. I began friending his brother’s girlfriend. I felt bad for her he treats her like shit helped her as much as I could, aka selling her my car dirty cheap, loaning/ giving them money for gas, feeding them. || So my boyfriend and his brother have drinking problems and would constantly fight about stupid stuff. The first fight his brother went to jail and that’s when all of this began. She began sending photos via snapchat of her vagina and trying to get him to f*ck her. Mind you I’m not stupid I know he by no means is innocent in all of this I’m pretty sure he facilitated everything because she was giving him attention. || They kissed after the brother went to jail I’m not positive they didn’t fool around more than that but from what I found they were talking back and forth with her being the more aggressive party. They kissed right in front of my face lying and making me into a psychotic person which I regret giving him the benefit of my doubt. || So my boyfriend started drinking more whether guilt or just because he felt like it. He drank so much I asked him to leave or sleep in his car. He began flipping out and broke our bedroom window that’s when he left to stay with his brother and her. She got them both drunk every day on the second day he went down to do laundry which he needed help with, she as my “friend” went and got a condom, thankfully, and started giving him a blow job then put the condom and rode him then he flipped her over to f*ck and got caught by his brother for which he and she got beat up and then his brother went to jail. || My boyfriend and Zaida Velez tried to pretend nothing happened. His brother called to tell me they f*cked and I got some truth out of both of them. Don’t trust this woman, make sure to keep your man away but it doesn’t matter in my case because I told them both to leave each other alone. At this point I hope they both have the worst std possible. Watch what you do around this nasty b*tch.

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