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My story I guess starts like most others. My (now) ex-husband and I were having some problems on his part. We had been together since sophomore year in high school and before everything had started had just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. He went out for his 23 birthday and I woke up at around 2:30 to find he wasnít in bed with me. I went downstairs and found him passed out and his phone was beeping so I checked the message and it was from this whore (he worked with her) and he was going on about how unhappy he was with me and blah blah blah. She told him to leave me if he wasnít happy and he said he wished she would pick him up so they could go f**k! She didnít respond and he passed out. || I woke him up by punching him and telling him that if he wasnít happy with me that I would give him the f**king divorce and go stay with my parents with our son. He begged me to stay and said he didnít remember even saying those things…blah blah blah. He started being really nice to me but was still very depressed (he had gotten out of the Marine Corps and landed his job back at Arbyís). We had agreed to start trying for our second child back in February of this year when I thought we were happy together. We had sex a week before he asked me for a 2 week separation. He was going to go stay with a friend of his and I would stay where we were living. While he was gone, I found out we were pregnant. || A few days before he moved back in, I told him I was pregnant and he seemed ecstatic. I thought things were going fine but they clearly weren’t. Looking back, I was a f**king idiot blinded by love and my own stupid belief in marriage. But I digress, In September; I moved back into my motherís house and got the divorce papers. He would say things like, he didnít know if he loved me anymore, didnít know if he wanted me…Blah, blah, blah. In November, he took me on a date and during the movie, he got a text message from her saying ‘baby why arenít you talking to me?’ Again he begged me to stay saying it was just a nickname, he wouldnít talk to her…Blah, blah, blah. Our daughter was born in February of 2013 and he wanted to be there for the birth which was stupid of me but I figured, maybe this was a step in the right direction. In April, there was a family reunion and I found out (after he told me that he didnít want the kids around his fatherís side of the family) that he brought this bitch with him, and her kids! Again, he begged me to stay, telling me she was a friend, he only brought her because of their other friend. Blah, blah, blah. In May, I told him that either he had to sign the fucking divorce papers or had to start paying for an apartment for me and the kids. || He got me an apartment (knowing full well that if we did get the divorce, that I couldnít afford it on my own). The kids and I moved in to the apartment, meanwhile, I was still hearing tons of rumors that He was with her, living with her, going to clubs with her, making out with her. He had also told me that he was living out of his car because he wasnít staying with his mother anymore. He would drive until he got tired and pass out in his car. Fast forward a month, June 18, I messaged her on Facebook, after he begged me not to talk to her, and asked her point blank what was going on with the two of them. She said they had been dating since October 1 (3 days before my birthday) and he had told her he loved her back in August of 2012. || I told her what he was saying to me, that we were still having sex and she agreed we would confront him together. They showed up at my house that night, and he looked terrified, I walked outside with his bag (that he had left there saying he was going to stay over the following night) and slapped him across the face. He told her, in front of me, that I was the reason we were still married, I wouldnít give him the divorce, blah blah, and then confessed to her that we had slept together the previous Saturday. She took off to her car, he chased after her and I was about to go back inside but remembered the divorce papers that he still hadnít signed. || I walked towards her car to get him to sign them and she said, if you donít tell her, I will. I asked what and he told me that her youngest daughter was his (8 days younger than ours. turns out they had slept together a week after he got me pregnant while he was staying with his friend.) I blacked out and beat the shit out of him. Then fell to the ground crying. She took off and he took off right after. I walked over to the gas station across the street from my house and he signed the papers, all the while she was saying, youíre going to pay child support up the ass, f**k you, I want nothing to do with you…blah blah blah. || He said he would still help me pay for my apartment. The next morning, she messaged me the next morning saying he begged her to stay, she was going to give him another chance and there was no way in hell he was going to still pay for my apartment let alone child support or anything else. Fast Forward to now, we are divorced, Iím still living in the apartment though definitely struggling. He is still living with her and unsure whether their daughter is actually his. She kicks him out every other day and he tells me he made a huge mistake and that I am his soul mate. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Anyway, that is my story. She is a cunt and they both can go to hell in my opinion. || She is legit bat shit crazy and has threatened me on more than one occasion. She canít stand that we have kids together and finds excuses down on the days that he has the kids because she knows I donít want her ugly Chewbacca crazy ass around my kids because she canít take care of her own kids (3 kids by 3 different men, one of them supposedly my ex-husband….) So yea, that is my story. Careful for her because she doesnít care about shit.

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