Zoe Thornborough Gold Coast Queensland


Complaint: Zoe Thornborough is a lawyer based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and is the senior legal counsel for Retail Food Group. She previously worked for Rose Litigation Lawyers who fired her for incompetence and Irish Bentley Lawyers where she left as she was being investigated by the Legal Services Commssion for dishonest practices. She also ran a fake company called MF and Associates where she would scam money off people. Retail Food Group, where she now works, are under attack by the mdia for ripping off their franchisees which is detailed all over the internet. We were having problems with them and had decided to sue them when we were contacted by Zoe Thornborough who met with us and got us to sign an agreement settling our dispute. She said she would send us a copy but when the copy was sent to us she had removed some of the original pages and inserted new ones that we had never seen. If anybody has anything to do with this woman please be very careful as she is very, very dishonest and how she is still practising as a lawyers is incredible.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 1 Olympic Circuit Southport, Queensland Australia

Website: rfg.com.au/

Phone: (07) 5591 3242

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