Zzounds Humble Texas Review


Let’s start from the beginning. I placed an order for an Akai Ewi on Thursday around 4pm. Soon after I placed the order I realized there was a lower offer on Ebay. Luckily Zzounds.com had a price match option so I sent it the offer and they got close to it. I then called a rep. from Zzounds and told them my situation. Of course they said “no problem””. Little did I know there would be nothing but problems. I told him about the lower offer Zzounds had sent me and he said he’d be happy to cancel my first order. In fact

he did it right over the phone for me. He also told me to go ahead and place my other order there’s a chance that you still may recieve your order

if not Friday

by the latest Saturday. So i was pleased I had a gig o Sunday that I really need it for. Anyway I checked my bank statement right after to make sure the first order hadn’t went through because of course I needed those funds for the lower-priced order. There was no charge so I placed the other order. All of this occurred on the same day. I checked throughout the day to see if either order had hit my bank account and none did. I was told that the approval process is instant. Anxious to recieve my order I checked again 8am the next morning Now Friday

I spoke with the intial rep. from Zzounds that morning because there was a charge on my account but for the first amount…the cancelled order. He said sure enough it shows that it had been cancelled but the authorization of payment was still pending. He told to get my local bank’s fax number. Despite the fact that I spoke with 3 different Wells Fargo reps. I still was unable to get a fax number to my local branch. So I called Zzounds back and they told me they would contact me back twith my bank to verbally cancel the order. I gave two call back numbers and waited patiently for 2 hours :). So i called back to check on that phone call I was supposed to be recieving and this time a rep from Zzounds told me that their system was down and wouldn’t be back up until 1-2 hours. He assured me that I would recieve a call as soon as they got back up and running because my order was very time sensitive. I waited all day becuase I knew that if I didnt get my order off today there would be a good chance I’d miss that gig. I gave them a call back and they said it shows that they were supposed to give me a call back but somehow they had forgotten?!? I asked how was that possible and he replied that they operate on a cue system and there were other customers before me. How is this so when I called them as soon as they opened at 8am. He said he would see if there was something they could do on my behalf …because after all it was there fault and they were the reason I was unable to make a gig & now my order that I placed on Thursday for Next Day Air (extra $31) wouldn’t be recieved until Tuesday of the following week. On top of it all im still dealing with a charge on my bank account for the first order that was supposed to be cancelled! So now I can’t make the second order at all until Zzounds recieve the payment from my bank and declines it?!? Bottom Line is there’s a faiure in the system somewhere at Zzounds. & there whole customer service department just sucks from representative to supervisor to upper-level management. Never do any business with them go to sweetwater.com instead they are a more solid company anyhow.”

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